Profitable Relationships

Profitable Relationships

Relationships are a foundational element of life for all people. Society is made up of different kind of relationships. The most basic are biological, parents, siblings and domestic. God factored relationships in His plan of expansion. Adam and Eve were the starting point for the executions of expansion.

I want to help you achieve personal growth through relationships in your life. This is going to take some evaluating on your part. The evaluation process will put the spot light on key relationships in your life. The technical term is “Space Management” managing the relationship in your world.

Here are eight types of people you need in your life:

  1. Builders= People who help you finish what you started.
  2. Collaborators= People you have a common interest with.
  3. Connectors= People who connect you to the resources you need.
  4. Mind Openers= People who expanse your thoughts & perspective.
  5. Champions= People who have accomplished what you are trying do.
  6. Companions= People who will be with you in good times & bad times.
  7. Energizers= People who motivate you with a positive charge.
  8. Navigators= People who help you plan, prepare & execute.



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